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Listing of the week: 1591 Linda Way in Westview

Linda Way interior

This post begins my weekly entry on some of the best property offerings for sale in BeltLandia. I recently took a client on a tour of homes for sale in the vicinity of the coming BeltLine Westside Trail. We were looking at homes priced in the $125,000 - $160,000 range. This home really stood out as an example of what you can still get in West BeltLandia for under $150,000. (Yes, I am suggesting that the home may be priced a little high -- but aren't most, initially?) You can't get a 1 bed, 1 … [Read more...]

Bring shelter for the soul to BeltLandia

Serenbe Art Farm 20K houses

I recently toured a couple of live-work artist cottages at Serenbe Art Farm. The so-called 20K houses are the result of a seemingly unlikely partnership between the new urban enclave of the wealthy that is Serenbe, and Rural Studio, an undergrad program of Auburn University’s school of Architecture that builds houses for poor people. The visit took me back to one of the most transcendent moments of my life. It happened standing in a downpour outside a poor, elderly woman's home in Hale … [Read more...]

The Square – “At the Edge of Everything”

The Square

I remember when John Wieland Homes broke ground on Highland Park. It was the first new construction many of us had seen for a few years, thanks to the Great Recession. There was a collective gasp when the introductory price in the $300K range was announced for these townhouses. That seemed like such a high price point at the time. You have to remember that, at the depth of the recession, we had seen houses in the Old Fourth Ward go for as little as $15,000. Of course, the desirability for … [Read more...]

The Southside Trail – something to smile about


Earlier this year, #boardthebeltline activists created a stir when they DIY’d a plywood path nailed atop cross ties on a section of dormant railway. Did this expression of frustration with the pace of progress pent up demand for completing a key section of the BeltLine trail system actually help get things moving forward? Maybe. According to The Atlanta Business Chronicle, Atlanta BeltLine Inc. has released a request for qualifications (RFQ) for the design and engineering of its Southside … [Read more...]

Buyers loving Rtown architect-builder’s modern farmhouses

Rtown Lane

For the BeltLine to be truly transformative it should have transformative residential design as part of the metanarrative. More to the point, BeltLandia could sure use some fresh architectural statements. Abode Architect-Builder of Reynoldstown is bringing just that on seemingly every available lot left in the neighborhood. I describe their work as Scandinavian farmhouse mashup, with sprinkles of modern, gothic, folk, and victorian. "Modern Farmhouse" is the shorthand for this blend of the old … [Read more...]

Crank Some Content – BeltLandia Call for Submissions

cranking content

Attention Writers and Bloggers Are you geeked out on the BeltLine? If you have a keyboard and a story to tell, we just might want to hear it. If you’d like to write something for BeltLandia, please send your pitch to and include the following: Your name Your pitch – Please include topic and what you’ll cover in the post (you can send up to 3 pitches per email) Links to your social media presences Links to any writing samples you have on other sites Please do … [Read more...]

Broke-er than the average BeltLine Broker (Yay, You!)


Who doesn’t want to live in BeltLandia with amenities like Ponce City Market, Historic Fourth Ward Park, Krog Street Market, and, of course, the trail that connects them all? So for those looking to sell their home near the Eastside Trail, it is somewhat of a foregone conclusion that the Buyers will come a-knockin’. After all, you’re living in the hottest seller’s market in Atlanta. As a Broker specializing in working with home buyers and sellers in this prized slice of infra-culture, my … [Read more...]

How to improve your social life in a healthy way


I just got back from my semi-annual doctor's visit. One of the docs the Doc gave me as I was leaving was entitled "Management of Your Personal Health." The header of one section reads:  "How can I improve my social life in a healthy way?" Learning that he is concerned with my social health as well as my physical health kick-started an inner monologue of new-found appreciation for my choice in health care professionals. After all, we keep hearing that social and physical health are … [Read more...]

Give the Atlanta Streetcar Wings


I’ve been for streetcars on the BeltLine from the get-go, but only because they will run in dedicated guideways. Remove them from that context and run them through our city streets and they’re just another bus stuck in traffic. That a number of the planned 50 miles of streetcar lines will be integrated into already crowded city streets prompts this, my third post in an “upgrade the streetcar” theme. In my last post on the subject I proposed some upgrades to the hundred year old technology … [Read more...]

Habitats for HIPsters


While Beltlandia is certainly attracting a healthy share of the classic hipster population to it’s environs, I refer in this post to those who qualify for Atlanta BeltLine’s new Housing Initiative Program [HIP]. There’s sure to be some overlap in those two groups, though. HIP is Atlanta BeltLine’s newest effort to fulfill the goal of providing 5,600 units of affordable or workforce housing. The program gives those earning less than 80% of the Area Median Income an opportunity to enjoy life … [Read more...]